I’ll keep this week’s Mortgage Tips and Trends pretty short and sweet. As you know the rates dropped to a new low on Wednesday and Thursday, then had a little correction today. But, the 30 yr. fixed is well below 4.0%, which is amazing!!!

I was privileged to be asked to come speak as a mortgage representative for a group of young ladies last night. They all asked intelligent questions about the home buying process. But, throughout the timeframe I was interested to discover just how little they understood about the financing aspect of it. So, although many of your clients may not need the attached document, I am choosing to highlight this documents for any of your perspective clients who would like the following information. Attached is my one page description of the “The Mortgage Process to Home Ownership”, please feel free to print it out and hand it to any FTHB or relatively new clients to the home buying process. I hope it helps alleviate any concerns and helps answer some of their questions.