In regards to the mortgage world, rates have fluctuated tremendously during daily trading, but remained fairly steady over all. What this really means, is that the bond market, with a little turmoil from the notice of QE being dropped, has had major daily adjustments – our secondary marketing departments have been busy with two to three price adjustments a day – crazy!!! So, locking loans is a little more tricky in regards to timing. You can lock in the morning and afternoon rates could be either better or worse. – does this sound like the stock market. Well, welcome to bond trading!!! In this climate, I think it is wise to put less emphasis on rates, but remind clients that rates overall are still low. As some economists are saying – “Access to credit is the real issue, not the interest rates”. (Denk, Home Builders Association, economist)

As our real estate world turns – forecasters expect the Portland market to continue to bounce back though 2015, but perhaps not enough to keep up with demand from population growth. However, I bet all of you realtors will work hard to take care of them! Also worth noting, State economist, Joshua Lahner, stated that “peak number of kids in the basement,” meaning that people who were doubling up with family members are beginning to move out on their own. That (also) increases the demand for housing”. (The Oregonian, online 11/7/14) So, that means we should all be very busy for at least the next year and beyond. Cheers to that!